3 Upper Cross Road, Lebanon, Maine 04027
Junior Firefighters

The Lebanon Fire Department Junior Firefighter program is designed specifically for young men and women between the ages of fourteen and eighteen who are interested in a career as a Firefighter.  Junior Firefighters are a support group to the Firefighters of the Lebanon Fire Department both on and off the fire ground.


Junior Firefighters work with the Firefighters during trainings and are allowed to participate in most training activities.


Junior Firefighters assist with Rehab, changing bottles, running errands, setting up water supply, resource, and much more on the fire ground.  Juniors also assist with station maintenance such as washing apparatus, washing/sweeping floors, cleaning fire hose, and other choirs.


Juniors are issued Firefighter protective clothing which must be kept at the station when not in use. 


Assistant Chief
Daniel Roy


Meetings and trainings are held every Tuesday unless there is a major holiday. 

Juniors are allowed to be at the station for calls, work details, etc. only when school is not in session. 

No Junior is allowed at the station or to respond to calls between 9pm and 230pm on a day that school is in session unless there is a "half day" or school is canceled.

No Junior Firefighter is allowed to be at the station or to respond to calls after 9pm on a school night or after 1030pm when there is no school the next day.

First Tuesday of Every Month:

Junior and new member training 7pm-9pm

Second Tuesday of Every Month:
Monthly business meeting 7pm-9pm

Third Tuesday of Every Month:
Monthly truck inspections 7pm-9pm

Fourth Tuesday of Every Month:
Monthly Training 7pm-9pm

Contact Information
Station: 207-457-3922