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Need for New Truck

Lebanon Fire Department

News Release


     The Truck Committee from the Lebanon Fire Department recently met with the town’s budget committee to talk about the possibility of acquiring a new fire truck.  The slide show that was presented to the budget committee is available for viewing on the fire department website at: http://www.lebanonmefire.org/Need_for_New_Truck.html 

It is also linked from the towns website. 

Click here to view the 2011 Power Point

(requires Microsoft Powerpoint)

Any questions can be addressed to: lfdtruckcomm@lebanonmefire.org  , or call the Fire Chiefs office for more information at 457-3922.

In the fire service we strive for excellence, when the citizens call 9-1-1, they expect a timely response, they expect highly trained responders, and they expect personnel that are equipped with the tools necessary in their moment of need.

Public expectations are more demanding now then ever.  They want us as cheaply as they can get us, until the need us.  Then we better be spectacular. 

Current Fire Trucks

1989 - Pumper, Engine 1 - 22 years old (Looking to replace this truck)

2006 - Pumper, Engine 2 - 4 years old

1989 - Tanker, Engine 5 - 21 years old

1996 - Tanker, Engine 6 - 13 years old